Does It Work?

Before I post my full evaluation, I am going to step back and explain why I think it might actually work as advertised.

To fully understand how it might reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, I need to explain the most common causes of ED.

ED, by definition, is when the male Corpora Cavernosa chambers do not fill fully or at all with blood. This inhibits male arousal and many times results in overthinking which in turn, further reduces the chambers filling up.

So the initial cause is typically lack of blood flow. It can also be lack of sensitivity, but the most common one is literally just poor circulation.

We all know that there are many natural remedies that can help improve circulation. These have existed for thousands of years.

Watch this video for 10 foods to improve circulation:

10 Food That Improve Circulation

So with that said, does it not make sense that improving blood flow and circulation could help improve the blood flow and corresponding filling of the Corpora Cavernosa chambers? Of course it does.

So we all agree, that it is possible that the combination of herbs, vitamins and fruits could possibly reduce the symptoms of ED.

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