Peruvian Brew Review – My Thoughts

For anyone following my experience with The Peruvian Brew, I didn’t want to just post a review without trying it for real and trying it repeatedly. We’ve seen enough of those sites. So yes, I’ve used it five separate times now and I can finally provide an honest recommendation based on my own personal experience.

UPDATE. The Peruvian Brew is no longer available. So with that said – I have to now recommend a new green supplement that I have been very interested in sharing with you. It’s called Patriot Power Greens. Watch the video here:

As you can see, while Patriot Power Greens is not a direct replacement for the Peruvian Brew, it does accomplish the same result.  An increase in male energy, an increase in sexual energy and an overall feeling of well being.  So if you are feeling your age and want to increase your stamina, decrease fatigue and also want to eliminate toxic acidity in your body, then you owe it your body to check out this review of Patriot Power Greens and decide if this is something that addresses your current situation.

Like I say in the video, I am not a scientist or a nutritionist, so I am not going to try to explain why the Peruvian Brew works. I just know it works for me. Does that mean you will get the same results? No. Is there a good chance, that it will work for you? Yes.

In that video above I share with you my real experience which is I enjoy using it. Oh yeah, my partner enjoyed it almost as much as I did. She said I felt more aroused, and we both enjoyed the experience even more than normal. That alone is worth it, even for someone who isn’t suffering from ED.

OK, enough of me saying how great it is. Let’s dig into what it is.

What Is The Peruvian Brew?

It is a dietary supplement powder whose recipe was originally detailed in a PDF called Erect on Demand that was published a few years ago by Josh Harding. The formula is a proven recipe that helps produce stronger erections in men by increasing blood flow and improving the level of sensitivity.

The Peruvian Brew powder consists of herb extracts, fruit extracts and an amino acid that all work in conjunction to enhance the critical components for a strong erection. All of these, when taken individually, have been shown to either improve overall blood flow or increase sensitivity. So it makes sense that when taken together, they will increase the overall effectiveness of each ingredient.

What is funny, almost all of the other sites claim to provide a special discount or are offering the product at a sale price. For example, this site claims to have the peruvian brew for sale, and while it is true, the simple reality is there is a discount for anyone who orders more than one month at a time. So don’t be mislead, all orders are the same and go directly to the product manufacturer.

What Are The Peruvian Brew Ingredients?

The ingredients seen below have been used throughout history to help improve libido, blood-flow and also sensitivity in men.

Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract
Dong Quai Root Extract
Epimedium Extract
Korean Ginseng Root
Maca Root
Yohimbe Bark Extract
Black Pepper
Pineapple Concentrate Powder

See this post where I actually go into more detail on how all of the Peruvian Brew Ingredients, combine to provide maximum effectiveness at both increasing blood-flow and overall sensitivity.

What Do You Get With Your Order Of The Peruvian Brew System

First off, you get the 30 Day Supply of The Peruvian Brew unless you order multiple months, then, of course, you get those all at the same time.

You also get the complete version of the Erect on Demand program.

There are five instant access bonuses that come with the product:
Text Her Panties Off
Titan Stamina
Instant Orgasms The 7 Positions To Give Her Pleasure
Mr. Big. Some simple, do at home exercises to increase your size.
The 33 Innocent Words To Turn Her On

I actually enjoyed all five bonuses, but they may not be for everyone.

What I Like And Dislike The Most About The Peruvian Brew

First and foremost it works great.
It tastes good and produces results in less than 20 minutes.
The ingredients are all natural, so there are no adverse side effects.
It is relatively inexpensive compared to other similar products on the market.
It arrives quickly in discrete packaging.

Once you take it, you are going to become aroused, so be ready.
It has some gimmicky marketing, but in the end, I can get past that.
It can only be ordered online.

Who Can Benefit From Peruvian Brew?

For anyone who has less than full erections or even lack of one at all, this is a great solution to at least try before moving on to some of the more expensive solutions out there. Yes, there are other solutions, but most of them have either questionable ingredients or are only available by prescription.

Even if you just want to use the Peruvian Brew recreationally as I did, it certainly is worth it due to the increase in size and sensitivity.

My Recommendation

If you are on the fence and curious about trying this revolutionary recipe for reducing the symptoms and causes of Erectile Dysfunction, I highly suggest you give the Peruvian Brew an honest try. You literally have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. While I am a big fan, it is because I enjoy using it and plan on continuing to do so.

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